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InfoKliks provides a simple and easy to use CMS to manage Android Smart TVs or digital screens connected with media player having Windows or Linux OS. Soon, Infokliks Player will also be available on Smart TVs with System on Chip (SoC) features i.e. Samsung Tizen OS or LG webOS platforms. Choose screens/players as per your requirement and budget and manage them all from a single log in. No fuss..


Manage and distribute your media from a central place. Using a browser, upload image and video files with ease from anywhere in the world. Create an animated text message or scroll a static message or an RSS feed. Import HTML5 widgets such as a weather or foreign exchange rates with an embedded code from an external website . Display Youtube video, Google Docs or external social media walls with a click of a button.


Split the screen into different zones, drag and drop different widgets and create a beautiful presentation slides with in a minute. Format a text message with custom fonts, size, color and decorations. Set an animations on your scheduled content or message and create an impactful presentations.


Bring in html embedded widget code from external website i.e. weather widget or foreign exchange widget by simply copy/paste in web widget. Stream youtube video, create a twitter feed marquee or publish and share Google Docs links to dynamically display on your screen. Social media wall can also be created using external widget i.e. walls.io


Do you want to build a dynamic menu board for your restaurant? InfoKliks allows to pull menu information from an external POS system and display items on your digital menu board with one click. Update item details or pricing in one place and refresh digital menu board data automatically. Show dynamic score board or product catalog by pulling information from external data source, map the fields with either image/video or text widget and display the information dynamically. That's how easy it is!


Create a playlist of one or more presentations, set them up in a loop or to be displayed at a specific time of the day. Start with a default presentation in a loop and then trigger time based presentation at a specific time. Whether its your morning breakfast, lunch or dinner menu or a welcome message for your visitor, setup your loop as well as time specific presentations with a simple workflow.


Dashboard that provides complete monitoring and management functions. Publish new content/playlist to one to many screens in one go or change screen configuration or monitor live status of each screen, everything in real time. Check live screenshot, content download status for each screen or manage licensing from the same dashboard.


InfoKliks player logs different information regarding it's activities i.e. proof of content playback, error logging and player status. The activity information is imported back into the CMS and details can be filtered and reports can be generated and printed or exported in CSV, Excel or PDF.

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Successful corporate and internal communication is vital to any business. InfoKliks can display all kinds of information like - Important Corporate/ Industry News, Work Place Safety Rules, New Corporate Policies, Emergency Procedure, Company Alerts, Special Events, Staff Notification, Welcome Messages, Sales figures, Weather Report, Local Traffic etc, to employees and visitors in your lobby, break rooms, across office location or across country location, which can be customized to support employees regionally.

InfoKliks also offers room signage solution which can help you manage your conference rooms from a central location. It also offers spot booking facility from outside the conference room. Integrate your meeting information with digital signage system along with your corporate message.


Digital Signage has quickly became popular as a standard fixture in the restaurant and QSR space. Cost savings, up-sell opportunities, dynamic pricing updates and many other benefits are driving national and international chains to consider upgrading their menu boards to digital counterparts.

InfoKliks Digital Signage provides tools & widgets to integrate menu board with external data source i.e. Point of Sales System. Restaurants can now show Menus boards, Promotions, New items etc to the right customers at the right time. InfoKliks can also provide an add-on Menu Manager system which provides web based POS system with Kitchen Manager which could be integrated with dynamic digital menu board.


Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, and nursing homes are quickly discovering that digital signage can revolutionize the way they communicate with their staff, patients, and visitors. The advantages are clear, digital signage is visually dynamic, engaging, informative, entertaining and yet cost effective and flexible.

InfoKliks Digital Signage offers a solution to implement health channel where custom messages in the form of images, video’s, news ticker, web page, weather, etc can be displayed. Provide information about services offered at the hospital, display doctor’s profile and health content and promotions. InfoKliks also offers a dynamic Way Finding system for a large hospital which would be useful to patients and visitors to find their point of interest from a touch kiosks.


Digital Notice board is replacing traditional notice boards in schools, colleges and universities. Turn your campus center into an info-center, and interact with your students like never before by taking the advantage of deploying digital signage in Schools, Colleges & Universities of any size.

InfoKliks Digital Signage provide tools to manage the Digital Notice Boards from a central location. Display daily time table, examination results, students achievements, daily notices and emergency alerts or use digital signage to provide useful information to staff members and visitors.

Dynamic Way Finding system can also enhance visitor experience of a large campus. Digital Menu Board can also be implemented in campus cafeteria to save menu printing and distribution cost.


Transforming the Retail Banking and Financial Institutes experience with Digital Signage is the modern day requirement. Many banks today are investing in digital signage as part of the branch renovations in an effort to transform the banking experience into the modern, innovative experience customers expect.

With InfoKliks Digital Signage there is a huge business marketing and customer service opportunity for Retail Banking and financial Institutions by deploying digital signage in the waiting area or behind teller line. Display financial product information, latest news or weather reports. InfoKliks also offers Queue management system which can integrate token management with digital signage system.


Digital signage has advanced far beyond simply replacing posters with LCD screens into a core component of a sound retail strategy. Traditional print posters and billboards are being replaced by digital screens to display eye catching digital information which helps retailer to showcase their new products and promotions with ease.

InfoKliks Digital Signage is a low cost, high-quality option that will allow retail business to maximize its sales without breaking its budget. Your content may need to be updated, but your technology won’t. InfoKliks systems are durable and can be managed from one central location, allowing for easy content modification and adaptation.

Large Shopping Mall can implement Dynamic Way Finding System which will allow the visitors to find shops, products and promotions from a touch kiosk. Customer behavior and choices can be captured through such interaction and appropriate analysis can be done based on the demographic data.


Dynamic Digital signage is becoming more and more popular in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and casinos. Hospitality and tourism sector needs to constantly keep their customers, clients and visitor up to date with varied information i.e. room tariff, foreign exchange rates, current weather, menu board or information about near by attractions.

InfoKliks Digital Signage can efficiently help in educating, informing and entertaining customers and visitors. It can also offer Room Signage module to manage event and conference room booking and information display.

Large event venues or hotels can also use InfoKliks Dynamic Way finder system to help visitors find their way in their premises.

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Digital signage & event information display system implemented at Lake Naivasha, Kenay.
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Nairobi Hospital is now equipped with Digital & Room signage system to manage it's doctors chambers and waiting areas.
Digital Signage @ Citi Bank, Kenya & Tanzania
Digital Forex & Information boards at Citi Bank, Kenya and Tanzania, are powered by InfoKliks Digital Signage System.
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